Blog Featured citizensschool Jun 13, 2024

Reimagining the Role of Educators: Mentors at Citizens School 

At Citizens School, we are committed to transforming education by redefining the role of teachers as mentors. In a world that is constantly evolving, knowledge is now easily accessible to all, thanks to the internet and digital resources. Therefore, we view teachers not merely as transmitters of knowledge but as dynamic mentors who guide learners to effectively utilise the abundant information. 

With the rise of AI and the overwhelming amount of information accessible, it is crucial for learners to become critical thinkers. Our mentors help learners develop the ability to question, evaluate, and synthesize information, ensuring they know what to use and what to leave behind. They focus on teaching learners the skills to analyse and interpret data, and to make informed decisions.  

Our mentors prepare learners to navigate through complexities of the modern world by cultivating these critical thinking skills. They equip learners with the necessary tools to harness the power of knowledge, apply it effectively, and adapt to new challenges. In alignment with our vision and ethos, this approach equips learners to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, ready to contribute thoughtfully and innovatively to their communities and beyond. 

Mentors at Citizens School play a crucial role in empowering learners to take charge of their educational journey by adopting a coaching approach: they provide guidance, encouragement, and inspiration, to enable learners to set their own educational objectives and navigate their learning paths.  

Mistakes are viewed as valuable learning opportunities, cultivating a growth mindset that emphasises perseverance and continuous improvement. Constructive feedback from mentors creates an inspiring classroom environment where learners feel safe to express their ideas and take risks. This feedback helps learners understand their strengths and areas for improvement, encouraging them to view obstacles as opportunities. By providing specific, actionable advice, mentors guide learners in developing their skills and confidence, creating a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. This supportive atmosphere enhances academic performance whilst building resilience and a powerful sense of self-efficacy. 

In our coaching-oriented educational paradigm, powerful questioning and active listening are essential skills mentors’ possess. Mentors use thought-provoking questions to ignite curiosity, encouraging learners to think critically and explore ideas independently. Active listening, involves understanding emotions, identifying unspoken thoughts, and validating learner experiences. By practicing active listening, mentors understand learners’ unique perspectives, promoting a sense of validation and support. This transforms the classroom into a vibrant hub of exploration and discovery. 

Empathy is another cornerstone of our mentoring approach. Empathetic questions address student concerns and goals, building trust, encouraging open dialogue and personal growth. This empathetic connection helps learners navigate their educational journey with confidence. 

Our mentoring approach extends beyond the classroom, instilling a lifelong passion for learning. By embracing their roles as teachers and coaches, mentors at Citizens School inspire the thinkers and dreamers of tomorrow, shaping a bright and promising future in education. 

By Nagham Naamani
Vice Principal