Blog citizensschool Feb 10, 2024

Citizens School Aligns with Sheikh Mohammed’s Vision for Supporting Digital Creatives

Dubai has taken a major step in recognising and supporting influencers and content creators. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid recently announced a Dh150 million fund dedicated to digital creators during the ‘1 Billion Followers Summit’ held in Dubai in January. This fund, along with the creation of a permanent headquarters, aims to provide financial support and a year-round home for creatives.

This initiative is a significant move towards recognising careers in the digital media sector, acknowledging that future careers may look very different. Influencers and content creators have become central to how we consume information, entertainment, and education, moving beyond traditional media sources.

The creation of this fund and headquarters not only provides essential financial support but also validates the career path of digital creators. It sends a powerful message to young people that their passion for digital creativity, storytelling, and innovation can lead to legitimate and profitable careers.

Citizens School has long been committed to embracing and supporting non-traditional career paths. Through programmes like our Entrepreneurship Curriculum, we encourage learners to explore unconventional career options. Our educational approach focuses on equipping learners with diverse skills, fostering adaptability, innovation, and forward-thinking.

As part of our commitment to preparing learners for the future, Citizens School offers extracurricular activities that align with Sheikh Mohammed’s vision for supporting digital creatives. Our extra-curricular activities like the Social Media Club and Media Club provide learners with opportunities to develop skills in social media management, filming, and photography. These clubs, run by the Digital Marketing Team at Citizens School, leverage expertise in social media and production to empower learners with practical knowledge and experience.

As the career landscape evolves, schools like ours must adapt and embrace these changes. And as educators, it’s our responsibility to guide our learners into these new realms of possibility. The Dh150 million fund announcement is more than financial support – it sends a message to the youth that their creativity is valuable, and that the UAE is leading in embracing the changes that the future brings.

The Dh150 million fund announcement is more than just financial support – it’s a message to the youth that their creativity is valuable, and that the UAE is at the forefront of embracing future changes.