The Power Of Choice


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outcomes to
support a balanced
learning lifestyle.
Citizens will put their students at the centre of a visionary learning experience - the Citizens Tapestry that is designed to support a holistic, inclusive whole-child development journey allowing them to flourish, learn and be happy in a safe and supportive environment.

Our bespoke campus, programme and approach has been thoughtfully curated to re-shape learning, enabling our students to thrive as citizens of the future by focusing on innovation, wellbeing, imagination and fun.
The power of choice
One size does not fit all.
The Citizens learning experience focuses on the whole growth of a student and is built around each child’s unique requirements and talents.

We believe in the power of student choice because choice allows freedom and autonomy in the classroom and leads to more engaged learning. The Citizen’s team will identify potential, stimulate passion, nurture talent and celebrate bravery in our students to incubate the entrepreneurs, creators, visionaries and thinkers of tomorrow.
Enriching the British
curriculum with a
custom built Tapestry

Citizen Mindset

Building mindsets a core part of our learning approach to ensure our students are open-minded, resilient, able to learn from failure and build upon it to succeed.

Citizen Global

Our aim is for every child to feel at one with the world in which they live and leave with a deep understanding and empathy for all cultures, creeds and civilizations.

Citizen Sustainable Leadership

We help our students to develop a deep understanding of issues that face humanity today and to become responsible stewards of our planet.

Citizen Health and Wellbeing

We recognise the need to not only strengthen our children's physical health but also nurture their mental health, which plays a crucial role in a child's overall wellbeing.

Citizens Digital Literacy

Our children will learn to safely and seamlessly use technology alongside traditional methods to enhance their learning.

Citizen Entrepreneurs

We provide future-focused learning, providing transferable skills in entrepreneurship which children don't traditionally learn in schools.
Learning through
a new lens:
World-ready Citizens.
We help our students craft their own futures by celebrating and empowering what makes them unique and providing them with the right set of life skills to thrive in the communities of tomorrow.

We believe in learning rather than educating, because learning is a lifelong pursuit that creates limitless possibilities. Our goal is to foster an environment for divergent thinking because real-world problems require real, out-of-the-box solutions.
Learning for All
Citizens celebrates co-operation, diversity, community
and inclusivity, encouraging every child to develop as confident,
ambitious and joyful lifelong learners*


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